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I am a software engineer in Engineering Productivity at Google. I was previously the Director of Automated Software Engineering at GrammaTech.

I build tools for people who work with software; from helping developers write and maintain their own projects to helping reverse engineers understand third-party binaries. My graduate work was motivated by an understanding of software as an evolved system that displays many properties previously identified in biological systems. This complex systems view of the software ecosystem continues to inform my professional work.

Software Projects

I've written, managed, maintained, or significantly contributed to the following software which includes large open-source projects, projects currently under active development at GrammaTech, and small utilities (presented in order of significance and activity).

  • The GTIRB intermediate representation for binaries supports an ecosystem of tools for binary analysis and rewriting.

    Tool Description
    DDisasm Fast and accurate disassembler which produces GTIRB
    GTIRB-PPrinter Pretty print GTIRB to assembler or a binary executable
    GTIRB-VSCode VSCode extension to read, navigate, and (re)write GTIRB files
    gtirb-rewriting Python API for rewriting GTIRB files
    gtirb-ghidra-plugin Import/Export GTIRB files to/from Ghidra
  • The Software Evolution Library (SEL) provides for the programmatic manipulation of programs. It builds on GitHub's tree-sitter parsers to provide support for dozens of programming languages. SEL is available for Common Lisp and Python.
  • Mnemosyne is an automated software development assistant. It suggests code, tests, and types directly in your IDE.
  • Resolve is a tool for AST tree difference calculation for accurate differencing and merging of software. MergeResolver is a tool for automated merge conflict resolution that builds on Resolve.
  • GRAPH is a Common Lisp library for graphs manipulation and analysis.
  • Babel adds literate programming and reproducible research functionality to Org-mode, a major mode of the Emacs text editor.
  • Markdown-Mime provides WYSiWYG HTML email authoring for Emacs message mode, making it easy to send the HTML emails that most people seem to be expecting these days (while including a legible text/plain alternative for those with class).
  • CURRY-COMPOSE-READER-MACROS for concise expression of function partial application and composition in Common Lisp. I've also implemented something similar for Emacs Lisp in curry-compose.el.
  • Rinari is a Ruby on Rails minor mode for Emacs.
  • ONCs is a prototype fully physically distributed lisp virtual machine.


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Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available at eric-schulte-cv.pdf.

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