DONE integrate plantuml support

  • State "DONE" from "TODO" 2010-08-26 Thu 11:28
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Babel now support blocks of plantuml code. Thanks to Zhang Weize for adding this support.


  1. With the latest version of Org-mode setup consists of adding plantuml to `org-babel-load-languages' with code like the following or through the customization interface.
    ;; active Org-babel languages
     '(;; other Babel languages
       (plantuml . t)))
  1. Then download the jar file save it somewhere on your system, set `org-plantuml-jar-path' to point to this file.
    (setq org-plantuml-jar-path
          (expand-file-name "~/src/org/contrib/scripts/plantuml.jar"))


  • see for a variety of example usages, the following code block is an example of usage from within an Org-mode file.
    #+begin_src plantuml :file tryout.png
      Alice -> Bob: synchronous call
      Alice ->> Bob: asynchronous call