** splitting code blocks
   :DATE:     2010-09-19
- with indentation
  #+begin_src emacs-lisp
    (defun org-babel-previous-src-block (&optional arg)
      "Jump to the previous source block.
    With optional prefix argument ARG, jump backward ARG many source blocks."
      (interactive "P")
      (condition-case nil
          (re-search-backward org-babel-src-block-regexp nil nil (or arg 1))
        (error (error "No previous code blocks")))
      (goto-char (match-beginning 0)) (org-show-context))
  #+begin_src emacs-lisp
    (defun org-babel-split-block-maybe (&optional arg)
      "Split the current source code block on the cursor."
      (interactive "p")
      ((lambda (info)
         (if info
             (let ((lang (nth 0 info))
                   (indent (nth 6 info))
                   (stars (make-string (org-current-level) ?*)))
               (insert (concat (if (looking-at "^") "" "\n")
                               (make-string indent ? ) "#+end_src\n"
                               (if arg stars (make-string indent ? )) "\n"
                               (make-string indent ? ) "#+begin_src " lang
                               (if (looking-at "[\n\r]") "" "\n  "))))
           (message "Not in src block.")))
    ;; other stuff